Day 13: \"Shadows of Fear\" a song by Reshmi Revi

Posted on 07 December 2000

"Shadows of Fear" a song by Reshmi Revi

He can do anything he wants to do
But he can't steal your pride
If he does anything to harm your way
Deep deep down, you know, he's not a man inside

Why do you subject yourself to all his spoken lies
Why do you hide the truth from being exposed outside
Stand up, wake up and see
You can walk up and leave
Leaving him behind

*You don't have to hide behind the shadows of fear
You don't have to cover up the strife
Cause you can, be everything you wanted to be
Go shinning through eventually, soaring through the skies

I know he's hurting you
I hear you cry yourself to sleep
He isn't the one for you
Girly why can't you see
All the things he put you through
He made you cry
You know you deserve much more
So stand up and fight


Girly just wake up, come on baby stand up
Going out all around, you don't have to touch the ground
Take off, go and fly, find your dreams and soar the skies
We can do it if we try


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