Don\'t Turn Your Back on Violence Against Women

Posted on 30 November 2001

Don't Turn Your Back On Violence Against Women

WAO's 16 Days Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign

25 November - 10 December

Don't Turn Your Back on Violence Against WomenWAO will once again join the annual global campaign to raise awareness of all forms of violence against women. This year WAO is working work with Levi Strauss and PUTRA LRT to carry out our annual public education campaign.

The 16 day period is an annual event in all parts of the world to create a solidarity movement which raises awareness around gender - based violence as a human rights abuse, works to ensure better protection for survivors of violence and a call for its elimination.


The WAO campaign will focus on the need for everyone in the community not to turn our back against Violence Against Women. Whether you are a neighbour, a friend, a work colleague, a police officer, a welfare officer, a religious officer, a community leader, a magistrate, a judge, a politician etc.

However, to do our part we need to understand and recognize Violence Against Women when we see it, suspect it or hear about it, in order to reach out to girls and women who are being abused. We need to demonstrate our intolerance people, usually men who use violence as a form of control over women.

Violence Against Women is unacceptable by the community. Do Not Turn Your Back On Violence Against Women.

In Malaysia, Women's Aid Organisation has organised public education series with media to be part of the 16 days of activism. .

  • In 1998, WAO worked with The Star to produce a 16- day series on VAW
  • In 1999, WAO worked with ERA radio with public announcements on VAW.
  • In 2000 WAO worked with Sin Chew Jit Poh to highlight International Day Against Violence Against Women with a 5 day series. WAO also produced its own 16 day series on the WAO website.

WAO CAMPAIGN 2001 will involve:

Launch of the 16 Days Campaign Launch of International Day Against Violence on Sunday 25th November at The PUTRA LRT station at Pasar Seni by YAB Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

Distribution of brochures in BM and English by YAB Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir and a team of volunteers from WAO and Levi Strauss at the Pasar Seni Station and at all other PUTRA Station (15 stations). Distribution of brochures by Levi Strauss Staff at Mega Mall and KLCC outlets.

Posters. Every PUTRA LRT Station will have posters designed by Oglivy One Worldwide. The poster reads " Don't turn your back on Violence Against Women".

YAB Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Ivy Josiah and Encik Ridza Abdul Haji Salleh, leading the launch of th 16 Days Activism Against Gender Violence.

Posters will also be put up nationwide throughout Levi Strauss outlets.

Distribution of brochures at PUTRA stations on 2 days :

  • 25 Nov - International Day Against Violence Against Women - brochures on Violence Against Women.
  • 1 December - World Aids Day - brochures on AIDS prevention
  • Helpline Cards - Every Levi Strauss outlet will slip into shopping bags a helpline card for women if they need advice and help. Cards will also be available at the counters of both Levi Strauss outlets and LRT ticket booths.

    Helpline Card
  • Donation boxes (17) for WAO at Levi Strauss outlets at Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.
  • Radio interviews and press features stories throughout the 16 days.

A commuter reading a brochure on violence against women- 25 December 2001, NTV7 - Interview on Prime Time News, 8.00 pm
- 27 December 2001, WOWfm (97.6 fm), 11.00 am
- 28 December 2001, Radio 4 (90.3 fm), 10.00 am
- 30 December 2001, Radio 6 (96.3 fm), 10.00 pm
- 2 December 2001, RTM2 - Moving on Two, 10.30 am
- 6 December 2001, News Straits Times
- 10 December 2001, Radio 4 (90.3 fm) - Infobits, 12.45pm & 8.50pm

A commuter reading a brochure on Violence Against Women

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