PROHAM: Appeal to End Vendetta Against Datuk S. Ambiga

Posted on 08 May 2012

Proham Press Release 

Proham expresses serious concerns over the move by some to demonize and vilify the Bersih co-chairman by certain quarters including burning her photo poster and calling for her Malaysian citizenship to be revoked. What is even more troubling is the extensive  media coverage by certain section of mainstream media. 

The Federal constitution provides for circumstances in which the citizenship can be revoked. Exercising ones citizenship right for free speech, assembly and association as guaranteed in Article 10 of the Federal Constitution provides  no grounds at all  for revoking ones citizenship. 

Proham is of the opinion that Datuk S Ambiga is acting within her constitutional rights and in the best interest of the nation for a clean and fair elections. She is a responsible Malaysian, who  as the former  chairperson  of the Bar Council has  won  Malaysian and  international  recognition for   her dedication and for her stand for justice. We believe  like   most Malaysians  that she has  kept the nation`s best interests  at the foremost. Indeed  we must commend her  highly  for her courage, commitment  and perseverance in her  pursuit  for truth and justice.

Proham advises that there must be more open, frank and articulate discussions including peaceful public assemblies and expressions. Inciting hatred and anger towards individuals and genuine groups is not the moderate and  proper  way within to promote  peace  stability and progress  in an evolving  democratic society.

Proham calls on the Police and Home Affairs to advise  these negative  and disruptive  groups  including many sections of the mainstream media, to stop vilifying  fair comment that is  intended to promote  healthy public discussion in the best interest of the nation and our future. 

Released on behalf of Proham by 
Tan Sri Simon Sipaun, Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam, Prof Hamdan Adnan and Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria 


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