WAO Extends Condolences to Family of Isti Komariyah and Talks on Domestic Worker Rights

Posted on 13 June 2011

Domestic workers’ rights must be respected


THE Women’s Aid Organsiation (WAO) extends its sincere condolences to the family of Indonesian domestic worker, Isti Komariyah, who died on June 5 after working here for two-and-a-half years.


The results of the postmortem announced by the police, showed that Isti had sustained recent bruises and had old scars all over her body and face.


It was also reported that her body was emaciated, and that she may have starved to death.


Many questions have been raised over what happened.


If the worker was given the mandated day off could she have sought help?


Was there inaction or negligence on the part of the employment agency?


The Government has made a toll free line ‘Talian Nur’ available to domestic workers seeking assistance, however, has enough been done to reach out to workers with this number?


Domestic workers must be treated with respect.


They are not house slaves – they are workers who take a valuable place in many homes.


WAO hopes that the recent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Malaysia and Indonesia leads to all employers adhering to the stipulated provision of one rest day per week and ensuring that domestic workers kept their own passport.


It is also vital that in cases of abuse, the domestic worker can seek help.


Sarah Thwaites

Programme Officer


Petaling Jaya.

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