WAO & The Body Shop Law Reform and Public Education Campaign

Posted on 10 August 2002

WAO & The Body Shop - Stop Violence Against Women

Campaign on Reforms of The Domestic Violence Act

Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) and The Body Shop (TBS) are working together again for the 3rd time this year on the Stop Violence Against Women law reform / public education campaign. The launch is as follows:

Date: 20 August 2002
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Venue: Bangsar Shopping Centre (in front of Coffee Bean)

Please come and support WAO for this launch. Bring as many people as you can, family, friends, colleagues. We need you on this day to push the campaign forward and the bigger the number during the launch, the better.

Previous Campaigns
Last year the WAO&TBS public education campaign also called for law reform for Rape, Sexual Harassment, Foreign Domestic Worker Abuse, Domestic Violence and General reforms (setting up of rape, DV and migrant women shelters and gender sensitisation training for police, welfare and court officials).

During the 3 week campaign 6,660 postcards were signed and handed over to the Ministry of Women and Family Development for action.

This year.....
As the call for reforms last year was very broad what we have done this year is to focus on Domestic Violence Act calling for very specific law and policy reforms to:

  • Broaden the definition of domestic violence in the Domestic Violence Act to include psychological, mental and emotional abuse.
  • Include domestic violence as specific crime in the penal code and have corresponding criminal procedures.
  • Prioritize victim safety. Standardize and accelerate protection orders so that women are ensured protection within 24 hours.
  • Spell out specific prohibitive acts of violence in the Interim Protection Orders.
    Increase the budget allocation, human resources and conduct gender sensitivity training for the Police, Welfare and Courts.

And not only that.....
WAO&TBS are also encouraging for women to register to vote and exercise their right to vote.

Make sure that women’s rights are guaranteed, let your concerns / voice be heard - Register to vote!

As a first step to change, women must ensure their right to vote for Members of Parliament and State Assembly Representatives who will put women's agenda on top of the list. Women must make sure they vote for representatives who:

  • Believe that women are equal to men
  • Lobby for women's rights and
  • Will bring change to law and policy that eliminates discrimination against women

How do I register to vote?

It is so easy to register to vote. You can now do it throughout the year at any post office.

Who can register?

  • Malaysian citizen
  • 21 years old
  • Residing in a constituency

How to register?

  • Go to any Post Office or the State Electoral Office
  • Bring your IC and fill form A which has 4 sections
  • As proof of your registration, tear off the attachment which is in Section IV of Form A.

Spread the word around. Get your friends and family members to exercise their right as Malaysian citizens.

1) Go to The Body Shop outlets and sign the card to urge the various ministries to reform laws and policies to the Domestic Violence Act and
2) Go to the Post Office to register to vote.

It will only take you 20 minutes to exercise your right to vote and bring real changes to women’s lives.

Join us in this event, and do your bit for the empowerment of women!

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