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15 August 2012 : JAG: Attorney General Urged to for Judicial Review of Court Appeal's Decision Concerning National Bowler

13 August 2012 : JAG: JAG Urges Judiciary to Clarify Judgement in Appeal of National Bowler's Case

13 August 2012 : JAG: Clarify Judgement on National Bowler

19 July 2012 : Civil Society Organisations Deeply Concerned by On-going violence against Stateless Rohingya in Myanmar and their Refoulement from Bangladesh

08 June 2012 : UN Rights Experts Call for Protection of NGOs Working for Free and Fair Elections

21 May 2012 : Vigil Held for Maid Who Was Starved to Death

16 May 2012 : JAG: Letter to Editor on Malaysia's Questionable Process of Law Reform

10 May 2012 : TENAGANITA: The Truth About Migrants in Malaysia

10 May 2012 : TENAGANITA: Letter to the Jakarta Post on Corrections to Be Made on Irene Fernandez's Statements

08 May 2012 : PROHAM: Appeal to End Vendetta Against Datuk S. Ambiga

23 April 2012 : BERSIH 3.0: Malaysia's Electoral Fraud by Numbers

20 April 2012 : JAG: Response to SUHAKAM on Human Rights Violations Based on Gender

05 April 2012 : The Wheels of Justice Come Off Track for 42 Rescued Vietnamese Women

23 March 2012 : JAG: Women Must Be Able to Retire at the Same Age as Men

06 March 2012 : Wanita Suara Perubahan: ADUNs and MP's to Receive an Important Package for International Women's Day

24 February 2012 : Wanita Suara Perubahan: A Call for a Clean Goverment

24 February 2012 : JAG Condemns Anti-Ambiga Smear Poster Campaign

21 February 2012 : Association of Women Lawyer's in Malaysia make their Inaugral Radio Appearance on Capital FM 88.9

02 February 2012 : EC Chairman & Politicians Do Not Understand Either the Federal Constitution, Election Laws or the Income Tax Laws

20 January 2012 : MWG: The Migration Working Group welcomes the Ministry of Home Affairs recent announcement to allow migrants who were trafficked the right to work once released from government shelters