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Every year WAO is helped by many volunteers. Their help is invaluable. We are always looking for volunteers, but we do need people who are able to make a regular commitment in any of the following areas:

  • Organise activities for the children.
  • Organise activities for the women, for example, craft sessions, language classes, cookery lessons, computer skills, or another idea you have which you would like to share.
  • Teach the children at the Refuge and Child Care Centre 
  • Spending time and listening to the women and children
  • Provide transport and accompany women who need to make police reports, go the hospital or run errands.
  • Help out at fundraising and/or public education events
  • Help out with administrative work at WAO

If you are able to make that commitment, please fill in the volunteer application form and send it to womensaidorg@gmail.com.


Para-counseling volunteers

In responding quickly to women in crisis, it is crucial that we always have trained people to answer our helpline. we are looking for people who want to be Para-Counselors.

As a Para-Counselor for the WAO Helpline, you will be trained on:

  1. Empathetic listening skills
  2. Risk and needs assessment
  3. Knowledge on Violence Against Women (VAW)

You will benefit from 30 hours of training with WAO professional staff, which includes skill and knowledge-based workshops and practicums. Sessions are facilitated and supervised by staff who have years of on the ground experience.

The 6 training sessions will be held on alternate Saturdays, beginning 21 March 2015. This covers:

  1. Two full-Saturdays (6 hours) on 21/3 and 4/4
  2. Four half-Saturdays (3 hours - you may choose the AM or PM slot) on 18/4, 2/5, 16/5 and 30/5
  3. All training materials

Para-Counselors must commit to:

  1. 3 hour slot per week
  2. On-going training sessions and refresher courses

If you have been curious about volunteering with WAO and you are keen on assisting women in crisis, you can start with our WAO Helpline training. We will also be conducting a pre-training briefing on 7 March for interested volunteers.

Apply by sending your application to womensaidorg@gmail.com by 28 February 2015.