My Friend is in an Abusive Relationship

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 15 ways to support a friend in an abusive relationship
  • Listen let her know she is not alone
  • Abused women feel they don't have anyone to talk to. Speak openly with her about your suspicions and encourage her to talk
  • Believe her, do not ask her what she did to cause the abuse. Tell her there is no excuse for abuse
  • Tell her she is not to blame, usually the abuser tells her that she is to blame for causing him to be angry and violent
  • Do not judge her, show your support even if she decides to return to her abusive relationship. Support her no matter what she decides to do
  • Understand and address her fears if she leaves. Fear of being killed, fear of being a single mother, fear that she will lose her children, fear that her relatives will be harmed
  • Don't push her if she doesn't feel ready. She is more likely to return if she doesn't feel ready
  • Assure her she can get protection from the police
  • Be a telephone friend. Abused women are often isolated and not allowed to go out
  • Provide a place for her and the children to stay for an afternoon or evening during tense times
  • Talk with her about an emergency plan and help her plan for a crisis
  • Provide transportation to a shelter WAO Refuge: 603- 7956 3488
  • Baby sit while she goes to the police, courts, lawyer, looks for housing, employment, etc
  • Accompany her to the police station or meet with an NGO
  • Read and collect brochures and information to pass on to her. Talk to others. The more you know about this problem, the more you can offer someone in need