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Short Herstory of the Joint Action Group (JAG) for Gender Equality


WAO is a member the Joing Action Group (JAG) for Gender Equality


In 1985, the Joint Action Group (JAG) against Violence against Women included the Association of Women Lawyers, the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) Women's Committee, the Selangor and Federal Territory Consumer's Association (Women and Media section), University Women's Association and Women's Aid Organisation (WAO).

In that year, JAG organised a historic workshop cum exhibition on VAW calling for law reforms to rape, prostitution, domestic violence and amendments to all laws that discriminate against women. The workshop also highlighted issues on the negative portrayal of women in the media and sexual harassment in the workplace. The 1985 workshop raised public awareness on violence against women and led to the formation of several new women’s rights organisations which joined JAG.

Since then, the membership of JAG has evolved and in 2011 JAG, now known as the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality, comprises 7 women’s human rights groups, namely: 

Since 1985, JAG has diligently documented, monitored and lobbied for law and policy reforms on all aspects of women’s human rights.