Getting Help for Domestic Violence

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Getting Help for Domestic Violence

You are not alone. Here are some options you can take if you’re experiencing domestic violence.


Option 1: Contact WAO

  • WAO Hotline and TINA (SMS/WhatsApp line)

    • WAO Hotline: +603 7956 3488 (Monday to Saturday: 9am - 5pm. Also Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 7pm - 10pm)
    • TINA (SMS/WhatsApp line) : +6018 988 8058 (24 hours)
    • We can provide advice, explore your options and/or schedule a face-to-face consultation with you.
    • You can also access WAO services such as counselling, shelter and/or case management, by contacting the WAO Hotline or TINA.
  • Counselling: Our professional counsellors can help you work through the emotions and trauma you face.

  • Shelter: We can provide temporary shelter to you and your children, based on your needs.
  • Case management: We can assist you to access services from government agencies such as the police, hospitals, welfare department, court, etc.
  • All our services are free and confidential. We respect your right to make decisions over your life, and we are here to support you regardless of the decisions you make.

Option 2: Go to the "One Stop Crisis Centre" at government hospitals

  • One Stop Crisis Centres (OSCC) are located at the emergency room of all government hospitals.
  • At the OSCC, you can get a medical examination and make a police report -- all in once place. For domestic violence cases, you are not required to make a police report in order to get medical care. 
  • Medical services at the OSCC are free for survivors of domestic violence and sexual violence.
  • It is advisable to go to the OSCC as soon as an injury occurs. 
  • Bring your IC with you. 


Option 3: Make a police report

  • You can write your statement in Bahasa Malaysia or English. You can either type the statement yourself or orally dictate your statement to the officer. You can also write the statement in advance, and bring it to the police station in a pendrive.
  • If you don’t want to press charges, but would like to document the incident, you can make a “cover report” instead of an “action report”.
  • You can ask the police officer to start the application for an Interim Protection Order (IPO). Spouses, former spouses or family members of perpetrators can apply for the IPO, but it does not cover non-married couples. 
  • You can still make a police report even if you don’t have your IC with you.
  • If you are unsure how to make a police report, you can contact the WAO Hotline at 03 7956 3488 or SMS/WhatsApp TINA at 018 988 8058. 

Option 4: Get to a safe place

  • Your safety is important. If you feel unsafe living with an abusive spouse, try to make arrangements to live with a family member or friend.